Please check your spam folder. The verification email sometimes ends up there.

As an added means of security Experian authenticates each user before data can be shared from an applicant.

The tenant will pay for the credit report when they apply through the application link you send them.

You will receive an email notification. You can also log into your account at any time and see all the applicants on your dashboard and whether they have shared their reports with you. You can also click on their application throughout the process to view their basic application information at any time.

The tenant will be able to upload their financial documents with guidance to add their most recent 3 pay stubs, new employment offer letter, or tax returns and bank statements if self-employed, and most recent LES if military, or any other documentation for other sources of income. These documents will be shared with you and you can assess if the applicant has the income needed to qualify for your rental property.

No. Everyone has a different risk tolerance. RentRisk is a tool for you to assess how risky a particular tenant may be to you and we equip you with the tools necessary to make a good rental decision. However, we do provide some basic education on what we think makes an applicant strong.


Please check your spam folder. The verification email sometimes ends up there.

RentRisk is a tenant screening platform which the agent or landlord is using for the application process.  It contains a full rental application which includes a credit and criminal background report. You, as the applicant, pay for the application process.

You can log back in and finish your application at any time. Please do not create a new account. Use your original log in information and you can pick up where you left off.

The agent or landlord who shared the application link with you will be able to view your application and documents you upload. They will not be able to see your credit or criminal background report until you click the share button.

Yes, you can download a copy of your credit report.

No. RentRisk is a third party and does not provide application recommendations to landlords or agents. We cannot see your application or personal information. Please reach out to the person who shared the application link with you for the property you are applying for.

Using RentRisk results in a soft hit on your credit report. Click here for more information.


The applicant will pay the fee when they click the link to apply to the rental property through the unique property link.

The tenant screening fee includes a comprehensive tenant application, financial document upload, rental history verification authorization, and complete credit, criminal, and eviction history reports.

No. RentRisk is a third-party platform and provides tenant screening services and reports to landlords or their agents. Please contact the agent or landlord of the property you have applied to for any questions on fees.


Sign up for an affiliate account. For each application that is screened through your affiliate link, we will share $10 in revenue back with you.

In order for RentRisk to pay our affiliates what they have earned through their affiliate link, we will need your banking information.

The affiliate fees are paid out monthly.

You can share your link with anyone, even other agents and landlords. You will still earn an affiliate fee for anyone who uses your link and signs up and processes applications using RentRisk.