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The Two Biggest
Questions Landlords

At RentRisk we say, “A properly screened tenant
is your first line of defense to safeguard your

What To Look For In
Potential Tenants?

Once A Potential Tenant Submits An Application, It’s
Good To Know What To Look Out For.

Applicant has paid bills on time as verified in Credit Report

Applicant took care of the property, paid rent on time, and gave proper notice to vacate

Applicant made timely debt payments and there are no accounts in collections indicated on their credit report

Applicant has no tax liens or property liens indicated on the credit report

Applicant has no judgments filed against them or open bankruptcies. Make sure any bankruptcies have been discharged (indicated on credit report)

Applicant’s monthly income should equal 3 times the monthly rental amount to ensure affordability

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What Are Your
Next Steps?

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